About Us



Jennifer and I started My Bra Concierge because we were tired of wearing bras that just didn’t fit. Since high school, we both struggled to find bras that were pretty and fit us correctly. It seemed everything was either too tight, too big, or just too darn ugly. We’ve since talked to many, many other women who have felt the same.

Right now, buying a bra is an uncomfortable, all day ordeal that often doesn’t even result in finding anything worth buying. Usually, we just settle for something good enough…we guess…out of desperation.

Every woman must shop for bras, but for some reason, bra shopping has never moved out of the Dark Ages. Jennifer and I struggled for years to find bras in our sizes. We even started to believe something must be wrong with us and our bodies!

What we didn’t know then was that something was wrong with the inventory stocked in stores. They catered to a select group of women that doesn’t exist outside of quarterly catalogs. Stores had no problem doing this: they were quite happy to put women in bras that didn’t fit just to make a sale.

We weren’t the problem; the stores were. When we realized this, Jennifer and I couldn’t accept that bra shopping had to be such a chore. We knew that we could find a better way!

That’s exactly what we set out to do with My Bra Concierge. We wanted to get every woman the right bras for her specific body type—not the body type determined by a group of marketing officers sitting around a boardroom table. The fact is, there are many bra manufacturers that sell well-made, beautiful bras in a variety of sizes and styles. All we needed to do was pair women with the sizes tailored to their bodies. It’s 2017, and it’s high time to bring this selection to women everywhere.

We look forward to finding you the best fitting bra you’ve ever owned!

Velaire Elliott

Founder and CEO, My Bra Concierge LLC