Why a Well-fitting Bra is SOOO Important!

Why a well-fitting bra is so important!

Ladies! Whether you realize it or not, the way your bra fits (or doesn’t fit) can make or break your wardrobe selection. It’s a fact: most women today are not wearing bras that fit, and it shows.

Here are some good reasons to wear a bra that fits:

80% of women are wearing the wrong-size bra

That was me, once upon a time. One day, Jen, our COO and one of my BFFs bra-vangelized me (don’t look that up) and taught me once and for all what goes into a well-fitting bra. After that experience, my life was forever changed.


It’s more comfortable

Poor fitting bras are just plain uncomfortable. Like a pair of too-tight pants that dig into our hips and stomachs, bras that don’t fit rub under our arms and dig into our shoulders.

Everyone has done the “I’m home/bra is off” happy dance, haven’t we? When our breasts are supported and sit where they’re supposed to (ideally, like where they did when we were 18), we feel more comfortable in our own skin, our clothes look better on and we exude more confidence. And confidence is sexy!

Poor fitting bras rely on the straps (not the band) to provide support. This can actually cause headaches, neck pain, and backaches on top of the more visible issues.

Our clothes look and feel the way theyre supposed to

When our breasts sit where they’re supposed to, we will once again have a waist, we’ll have good posture, and we’re not constantly adjusting ourselves because we’re falling out of our cups or our straps are bothering us.

How to put on a bra – also known as the “Scoop and Swoop”

One of the best tips I have learned in my journey towards wearing well-fitting bras is the “scoop and swoop”. I don’t know why we’re not taught how to do this as adolescents when taken bra shopping for the first time; it’s probably because we didn’t need as much help then as we do once our bosoms blossom. So on to the goods:


What is the “scoop and swoop”, and why should I do it?

The scoop and swoop is the best method of ensuring that all of your breast tissue sits in the cup of the bra.

  Image from Curvy Kate Blog

Before and After image courtesy of Curvy Kate's blog.

Now I know the “how”, but tell me WHY?

When your breast tissue is properly placed in your bra, it will make your bra fit better, your breasts will sit where they’re supposed to (sans gravity), and your clothes will look better over your bra. Wearing a well-fitting bra can instantly take 10lbs off your frame and give you your waist back. The below image from Campbell & Kate's blog highlights these benefits.



Wearing the wrong size bra can also cause your breast tissue to migrate to the side and back of your body. The “scoop and swoop” helps move wayward breast tissue back to its appropriate place.

One thing I’ve learned through all of this is that back fat isn’t always back fat – it is often migrated breast tissue that needs to find its way back home!

You may also find that you actually wear a larger cup size than you originally thought, once you’re able to get all of that breast tissue where it needs to be.


Signs of a well-fitting bra

  1. Your band probably feels a little tighter than you’re used to. Your bra should give you a snug hug, and it should probably feel a little tighter than what you would consider to be “normal”, but not so tight that you can’t breathe. Your band should provide 80-90% of the support!
  2. Sometimes, your cups are too small and that is what makes the band feel too tight. I know this might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true! When trying on your bra, loosen your bra straps all the way. If the band still feels too tight, try your bra on backwards with the cups on your back. I know this sounds weird, but it will tell you right away if it’s truly the band that is too tight or if you need a bigger cup size.
  3. The band is parallel to the ground.
  4. Center portion of the bra (aka the center gore) lies flat against your chest.
  5. Your breast tissue is fully contained within the cup (no gaping, no “quadboob”).
  6. The underwire fully envelops each breast by lying exactly where your breast tissue leaves your chest.
  7. With the bra on, you should be able to fit 2 fingers into the band. More than 2 fingers and the band is too loose, less than 2 and the band is too tight.

If the bra fits …

Once you’ve got the goods well in hand (or in the cup), you can look forward to a firmer, more contoured and streamlined silhouette, and you’ll definitely feel younger, sexier, and very well put together. Are you ready for a better fitting bra? Fill out our TruFit survey today, and let’s get you into your best-fitting bra ever!


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