Start with Why

Start with Why!

Your Why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you ~ Simon Sinek 

Our why at Bra Concierge is to help full-figured and full-breasted women find well-fitting bras! To accommodate our overly busy lives, and the awkwardness that some women feel with an in-person fit, we enable women to achieve this from the comfort of their own home.

Journey to Finding My Why

The journey to finding my why began with some of my earlier bra shopping experiences in high school. I developed at a young age, going from the president of the itty bitty titty committee in the 6th grade (doesn't every group of girls have one of these) to a D cup by the 9th grade. Throughout high school and college I embraced these curves, and wanted to find gorgeous bras and swimsuits that were flattering. Unfortunately, when you grow up in a small town with limited bra shopping options you're relegated to "grandma" bras...just what every 16 year old girl wants! (Bless my mother for gracefully dealing with my many meltdowns during our shopping trips - she is an amazing women!) Not only was I relegated to "grandma" bras, but my bras cost $2 more than the same bra in a slightly smaller size - did my bosoms really take up $2 worth of extra fabric?

Fast forward a few years, I'm 29, in grad school, and working full-time. Three critical things happen in 2015 - That summer I have my friend, and my business now partner (women on the right in the image above, I'm on the left, and our first happy customer is in the middle), bravangelize me. She turns me onto this sub-reddit, A Bra that Fits, that explains what a well-fitting bra should look and feel like. It also explains the common misconceptions about size and the limitations of finding a well-fitting bra since not all sizes are carried in most stores. Finally - I get professionally fitted and have well-fitting bras! During this time, I also make the personal decision to get a breast reduction. At my initial consultation my surgeon asks me my size, and I tell him. His response shocks me. He can tell that I've been professionally fitted, and when I ask how, he tells me that no one could tell him my size who hasn't been professionally fitted. I'm shocked! I had assumed that women who undergo a breast augmentation, lift, or reduction have NO problem finding a bra that fits in the typical stores. Between this experience and my friend, I learn that bra fitting is a journey for all women. As I mentioned above, I'm in graduate school, getting my MBA - this is the third thing that happens - my entrepreneurial light is sparked. I'm the child of 2 entrepreneurs, and I guess it runs in the family! I know that I've struggled with finding good bras, my partner has struggled with it, and EVERY other woman I talk to has struggled with it - THERE MUST BE A SOLUTION!

The Solution - How We Do It!

To identify the problems that women deal with when bra shopping we did what any good entrepreneur would do and focused on the problems we faced, and the most glaring problems that we heard about from other women.

The problems:
First and foremost was a lack of inventory in a wide range of bra sizes (I'm a 30FF and my partner is a 30G). We carry 28 - 42 bands and A - HH cups (UK Sizing). We have the ability to order any size our customer needs and get it to them in a couple of weeks.

Second - How do you get a professional fit? Many women don't have time or access to a store that can do a professional bra fitting. Even women with access to lots of stores may not feel comfortable working with a professional fitter to get sized. We needed a way  to get fit information from women without the face to face interaction. We developed our TruFIT survey which enables women to give us their measurements, breast shape information, and style preferences so that we can send them proper fitting bras.

Third - How do we make this experience convenient for our customers. Our lives are busy, we don't have time for a 3hr+ trip to the store in hopes that we find a bra that fits! Thank goodness Stitch Fix pioneered the online personal shopper experience! We use this model to deliver high quality items to our customers, and allow them to give us feedback so that we ensure they're happy.

Our process is simple:

  1. Create an account and tell us a little about yourself in our TruFIT survey
  2. Our Bra Fit Specialists will hand-select bras (and matching panties if you'd like) and ship them directly to your door
  3. Try on the bras in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to try on your bras under a few different tops to see how you look and feel in your clothes. 
  4. Pay only for what you like. Returns are free and easy, we even include a prepaid, pre-addressed envelope so you just place the items in the envelope and the envelope in the mail.


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